Bird house A110; Large Christmas tree A284; Egg shell 3 A436; Frog A411; Gourd large A447; Ceramic Easter egg large A422; Small Christmas tree A282; Egg shell 2 A435 The Polish Boy is a sausage sandwich native to Cleveland, Ohio.It consists of a link of kielbasa sausage placed in a bun, and covered with a layer of french fries, a layer of barbecue sauce and a layer of coleslaw. While the sausage is typically grilled, some establishments will quickly deep fry the sausage after grilling and prior to assembling the sandwich. Polish people are very enthusiastic about their cabbage recipes, and for good reason! ... This is a good, reliable egg salad recipe, certainly open to creative touches or additions. Helpful (155) Jon Fairchild. Rating: 5 stars. 06/01/2008. I'm a dad running a business, taking care of a 6 & 8 year old, cleaning, laundry, cooking - the whole ... Seems like a lot of people did though. I boiled 8 large eggs, grated 1/4 of a med onion, (because I do like the flavor of onion), added 1/4 teas. onion salt instead of salt, added 1 teas. lemon juice and cut the mayo to 1/2 cup. Outstanding egg salad. I hardly ever made egg salad but will make it more often now. Can't wait to share this with ... Bigos (Polish pronunciation: [ˈbʲiɡɔs]; Belarusian: бігас, bihas, or бігус, bihus, Lithuanian: bigusas), often translated into English as hunter's stew, is a Polish dish of chopped meat of various kinds stewed with sauerkraut and shredded fresh cabbage. It is served hot and can be enriched with vegetables, spices or wine. Originally from Poland, the dish also became traditional ... Oct 02, 2018 · As eight hungry people have been noshing on Polish Potato Salad (Sałatka Jarzynowa), I’ve picked up some serving suggestions. Greg loves to eat it on toast, and Maria’s creative suggestion, which was fabulous, a small slice of a good bread, spread with butter, top with a thin slice of deli ham, put potato salad on half of the ham, fold the other half over the … Polish Poppy Seed Roll Makowiec is traditional Polish dessert, in my family we always have it for both: Christmas and Easter. My mum makes it without any recipe and makes 4 rolls each time, I made my best to put her instructions in writing and limit the amounts to make 2 rolls. Makowiec for me smells like Christmas.